Optical interrupter module

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Details Features1. Support quick response; highly sensitive.2. Provide a peak wavelength of 940nm.3. With power light and signal output indicator and 3-pin anti-reverse cable.4. PCB size: 2...


1. Support quick response; highly sensitive.
2. Provide a peak wavelength of 940nm.
3. With power light and signal output indicator and 3-pin anti-reverse cable.
4. PCB size: 2.0 x 2.0 cm.
5. Working voltage: 3.3-5V.

A photo-interrupter is a sensor that arranges the light-emitting component and light-receiving component face-to-face and packages them together. It applies the principle that light is interrupted when an object passes through the sensor. Therefore, photo-interrupters are widely used in many fields like speed measurement.

1. Detection of movements in position, tape detector, tape loading control, and contactless switch.
2. Detection of objects, positioning and counting, speed measurement, or detection in other automatic control devices.
3. Material level control, travel control, cut-to-length fissure, material cutting detection, and burglar alarm.
4. Applicable to various daily products like smart plug-in card switch, automatic sensor, energy-saving switch, slot machine, small household appliances, scanner, fax machine, lighting, etc.

Component List
- 1 x Photo-interrupter module
- 1 x 3-Pin anti-reverse cable

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